Our applications to become a tutor are now open! You can apply using the link to the right.

Make a copy of the Google Doc and email a PDF version of your application to the email listed by January 29th, 2023.

About TFT's tutoring

First and foremost, Tutoring for Tomorrow is focused on providing quality education whether it be through private tutoring or Olympiad outreach. To this end we use research-based techniques to maximize critical thinking practice.

We believe in fair access to education which is why we create affordable tutoring based on the difficulty of each type of class.

Regular/honors classes: $30/hr

AP/IB classes: $40/hr

SAT/ACT tutoring: $50/hr

Testimonial from a TFT client

"Using a tutor from TFT is more than just getting help in school, it's insight into a class from someone who has first-hand experience with the course. For me, sometimes I would feel intimidated asking a tutor who was an adult for help. But getting tutored by someone near my age who understands the hard concepts and is able to explain them really makes it different. They know the tricks and material. At the same time they give back to the community which makes you feel like you're helping give back t0 those around you."

- Ava Goldenberg

How does TFT use tutoring to benefit our community?

We provide students with academic assistance in order to support local communities. Completely student-run, half of our sales are put to charitable use. With this money, we give back through our own scholarship and nonprofit grants program following a rigorous selection process.


Feel free to use any of the contact methods below for any questions or concerns!